Can Satellite IoT 
change your world?

Did you know 

The Iot Market is growing 25 % per year up to Euro 2 Trillion in 2028.

Terrestrial IoT networks only cover 10-15 % of the globe.

Satellite IoT offers global connectivity  and grows to Euro 2 Billion till 2030  

On the edge of a new global IoT era

The global IoT market will explode in the coming decade. Check out how Satellite IoT will bring the global connectivity to fuel this explosion. 

The impact of the New Space Satellite IoT  networks

Old space networks are around for decades 
Satellite is providing connectivity and critical communications to first responders, news gatherers, the corporate market, the logistics sector and the maritime market already since decades. Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar, Orbcomm are providing highly reliable servcies. Utility companies use them to monitor their electricity grids, or their gas and oil pipelines. Because of the importance of communication (lives can be saved, assets can be managed, they accept the relatively high costs.

Newspace IoT netwerks are coming to disrupt the market !

Now a new generation of satellite IoT networks like Swarm, Kineis, Myriota, Astrocast, Lacuna are promising lower connectivity costs, and lower power consumption. The new networks will play a disruptive role in wide area monitoring. Now also non-critical  applications in the public sector can benefit from the global satellite connectivity to meet the global challenges as described in the UN Sustainability  goals.
The time is there to upgrade the outdated global data gathering infrastructures for meteo, watermanagement, public infrastructure and environmental monitoring.

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Satellite Iot for Government and Public Sector Infrastructure

Check our  Free Introduction Webinars Satellite IoT for Government and Public sector infrastructures to learn and explore the benefits wide area monitoring can bring to the UN Sustainable Development Goals !

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How to seize the satellite IoT opportunity?
The development of the global sat-iot market is very much in it's begin stage of a decade full of changes.  
Sensor development is accelarating, edge computing, data analytics and cloud computing are
transforming our world.  With more than 30 satellite IoT  networks on the market and a value chain that
is very fragmented, sat-iot business models are complex.

If you are curious or have an idea to develop a cost effective global IoT application, there is no better time to start then now. Take the first step and start educating yourself, your team, company or organisation. 

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