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Satellite IoT Water Level Monitor  

Developed in co-operation with TU Delft Hydrology and Tahmo the  SatIoT based waterlevel sensor was succesfully tested on the Greenvillage compound in Delft. The unit is now shipped to Africa for final in the field testing.

After validation in the field the WLM will become part of a sensor network to monitor the waterlevels in the reservoir of the Bui Dam in the Black Volta river in Ghana. With this information dam managers are able to better regulate the downstream water flow and to prevent emergcy releases in the case of too much water in the reservoir.
This will prevent damage and losses of assets and lives downstreams.

We are looking for partners from the meteo and hydrologic community as well as from government and public organisations in the watermanagement sector to participate in the pilot and help us deploy 50 units in the field.

Leave your email behind so we can provide you more information on how to participate in the WLM project.

M2sat IoT Test Bench

More then 30 satellite IoT networks are providing connectivity to the global satellite IoT market.

Some are in the market already for decades, others are still in the development phase.

As part of our research, the Sat IoT Testbench monitors the performance of the different systems as a basis for  application development.

Results are available as part of the Satellite IoT Strategic Workshop in combination with the Sat IoT Monitor 2022.

Global satellite IoT based observation platform
for water management applications