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The IoT Market is growing 25 % per year up to 2 Trillion Euro in 2030.

Terrestrial IoT networks only cover 10-15 % of the globe.

Satellite IoT market  grows from 4 to 40 million units until 2030 

On the edge of a new global IoT era!

"The global IoT market will explode in the coming decade.
In areas outside terrestrial network coverage (85% of the world's surface), this growth will be fueled by Satellite IoT.

This will bring IoT connectivity also to public sectors like environmental monitoring, and water management that so far could not afford it."

 drs H.J. Urlings, 2022"

Nearly 40 satellite IoT networks are trying to catch the IoT opportunity

Since 25 years satellite networks provide connectivity and critical communications to first responders, news gatherers, the corporate market, the logistics sector, the maritime market and more, Utility companies use them to monitor their electricity grids, or their gas and oil pipelines.

Because of the importance of communication (lives can be saved, assets can be managed) these customers accept the relatively high costs and engineering efforts involved.

Newspace IoT networks are launched with the promise to bring low cost, easy to install, and low power consumption IoT connectivity for the world for the next 25 years!  

Now also the public sector can benefit from the global IoT connectivity for their non-critical  applications to meet the global challenges as described in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, like environmental monitoring, agriculture, public infrastructur monitoring and more.

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  Satellite IoT is a complex market and very fragmented, with rapid developments in sensor technology, edge processing connectivity and cloud computing, Application value chains are constantly evolving and often with (yet) unclear business models.
But then again, complexity is where the opportunity lies,
and there is no better way of handling this complexity than to educate yourself .

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Towards new Satellite IoT powered global observation platforms
 for the Government and Public Sector

The global data gathering infrastructures for meteo, water resource management, public infrastructure and environmental monitoring is seriously outdated.

Learn and explore the benefits new IoT technology and see how wide area monitoring can help to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

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